What is BuildOff?

When building a business, having great, supportive company
on the same path as you is critical.

BuildOff is a regular, evolving get together of the Edmonton Lean Startup Circle. 

We are web entrepreneurs, committed to spending real
working time
to develop and launch our products.

It doesn't matter how far along anyone is, we're committed to 
individual progress
, and supporting each other with their progress.  

Whatever the next step is we have to take, 
we're looking to find, define, understand and get it done.  

Whether it's research, marketing, design, copywriting or programming,
get and give real, meaningful, actionable, live feedback from others
with experience in what you're working on.

That's it.  This site will probably look plain for a while, because we're busy building.





The first thing we're reminded of several times a day is how much we have to learn, always.  We're going to put our challenges out there for feedback not just from the circle building, but anyone who wishes to!


How many times have we been able to solve someone's problem with no issue while we suffer with our own.  If we help each other regularily, we just might get everyone's problems solved.


We like progressing, doing, and building.  Supporting each other through the things that hold us up or challenge is keep us moving forward.